Live Your Life as If You Were the CEO of Your Own Business by Steve Beck

May 5, 2017

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Live your life as if you were the CEO of your own business.

What do I mean by that? 

Well, in several of my seminars I ask, "Are You in Charge of your Life?" Invariably, 90% of the hands go up. The other 10% must be the guys that have their wives run their life, but that is an issue for another column. smile

What if you were the CEO of a business? Wouldn't it be that you 1) would have to be pretty focused, 2) know how and when to deliver a clear message, and 3) have to be attentive to detail to be effective? Absolutely! If your people (employees) were depending on you to do a great job so they could be proud of where they work, you would do all these things. How about your our own life...couldn't we all look at our lives as though they're a business and run them that way? Let's have a look.

If you were the CEO of your life - I'm sorry, let me start that sentence again: Since you are the CEO of your life, here are 5 things are needed for your success:

1)      A CEO takes care of their people by providing health care, which translates into you taking care of your health, meaning eating healthy and exercising. I'm going to assume you know what foods are best for you and how to exercise. Get started today by creating your own plan that best fits you and your life style, and remember sometimes it only takes a ½-hour a day. Remember you're the CEO; what you say, goes.

2)      A CEO has a plan for their company and so should you for your life. Be financially responsible-again I will not tell you that if you consistently spend more than you make, it's dangerous or that credit card debt is not a good thing. (That's Suze Orman's job!)

3)      A CEO has a clear vision. This translates into you being prepared for the future with a Business Plan, which might include your long term, short term and intermediate goals. Creating a Vision for the Future is easy and here's how to do it. Spend a quiet hour or so and create your goals in all areas of your life (from career & business to health & vacations) for the next 10 years.

4)      A CEO has a network of people they consult with, whether it be their executive team, a coach, accountability partner, board or the association members. In your life, it would be your network of people (friends/associates/counterparts/coach/accountability partner) to share your life with and to assist you in getting to the next level.

5)      A Good CEO enjoys a good life-work balance. I used to work with two guys, Mike Coulter and Jack Seriko, who both knew that fishing was more important than work. Both are very successful, and are great examples for all of us to not let the pressure of our job get the best of our health.

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