Moments of Truth by Steve Beck

May 12, 2017

Steve Beck is a trainer for The Brandt Group who specializes in keynote speeches, conducts workshops, and offers a wide range of training options to help take your employees skills to the next level.  Learn more about Steve at

In business, a Moment of Truth (MOT) is defined as, 'When a customer (Client, Guest, Member) has an interaction with an employee and walks away with a good or bad opinion of, not just the employee, but of the whole COMPANY.'  So, in reality, you represent everyone in your company to that customer, in that moment, even if your company is international and has thousands of employees.

A Moment of Truth lasts anywhere from one second to seven seconds in which a customer forms an opinion about your company based upon your performance. How scary...yet how exciting! It means you have several opportunities to make a positive difference in someone's life (their experience with you) throughout the course of your day. So, here are a few ideas to make those MsOT exceptional for you and your customer:

  1. When the phone rings, get very excited and answer the phone with a lot of enthusiasm. Practice if you have to, and make it fun.
  2. When you assist a customer, pretend they are very important and treat them that way by giving them your utmost attention and some 'red carpet' service.
  3. Realize how important you are in people's experience. They will walk away raving about you and your company or run away tweeting to everyone they know about their bad experience.

Make it a game and pretend as though every customer you encounter throughout the course of the day is a secret shopper and do your best to rock their world to get an A+ when they turn in their score.
Here's a little secret...this works in all aspects of your life too! In other words, treat your spouse, kids, parents, friends, co-workers and siblings like they are really important customers and see what happens. The benefits are amazing for both you and them.

Enjoy this beautiful month of May.

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