Mystery Shopping Solutions

The Brandt Group specializes in business profit enhancement through Mystery Shopping & Mystery Dining, Training, and Operational Development. We are a Nationally recognized Sales and Customer Experience Consulting firm focused on increasing retail sales as well as customer loyalty.

Our professional and knowledgeable staff create and guide you through a Mystery Shopping Program that fits your needs. We know that no business is the same, and that calls for unique feedback provided by your very own customers. We are a mystery shopping company that will help you improve your employee sales skills as well as their customer service performance based upon what your own customers expect!

On Site Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping allows you to take the pulse of the real “BOSS”, your customer. To stay competitive in today’s business environment it is essential to measure the sales and customer service experience in your business. If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.


Competitive Mystery Shopping

Differentiate Yourself! Knowing the competition is a vital part of running your business today. The Brandt Group team provides you with the information to help understand the key differentiators between you and your competitors.


Telephone Mystery Shopping

It is our experience that most employees are not properly trained to capture potential customer inquires. Generally employees just answer question from the caller and never really take control of the conversation.


Staff Training Seminars

The Brandt Group has a team of national trainers who deliver entertaining, educational management and employee seminars that create measurable results. 


Customer Experience Surveys

Discover the key factors that drive customer loyalty for your organization. Customer Surveys from The Brandt Group clearly identify the factors that drive customer loyalty for your organization and present them in simple, real-time reports that speak directly to your front-line managers.

What Makes the Brandt Group Different

At The Brandt Group we take a slightly different approach than other mystery shopping companies. Here are a few ways we help your business grow. 

Hire Mystery Shoppers

I'm ready to learn how the Brandt Group can help improve my business and increase the bottom line. 


Become A Shopper

I'd like to earn extra money as a mystery shopper for The Brandt Group.