Customer Loyalty Surveys

Ever Want to Pick the Brain of Your Customers?

Discover the key factors that drive customer loyalty for your organization. Customer Surveys from The Brandt Group clearly identify the factors that drive customer loyalty for your organization and present them in simple, real-time reports that speak directly to your front-line managers. This solution utilizes integrated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and Web surveying to provide:

  • A clear picture of performance from your customer’s perspective.
  • The ability to easily compare performance across locations.
  • A large sample size to provide accurate and reliable research.
  • The ability to follow up and resolve issues with dissatisfied customers.

How Mystery Shopping Evaluates Your Business

What Makes the Brandt Group Different

At The Brandt Group we take a slightly different approach than other mystery shopping companies. Here are a few ways we help your business grow. 

How To Use Mystery Shopping Results

Survey Summary

How is my business doing as an overall score on my survey? Are there any red flags within my survey results? What areas do I need to improve?

Customer Comments

Provides specific customer contact information. Read what customers are saying about the service. Delivered instantly to your email so you can respond and/or recover. Quick and easy follow-up web based integrated solution.

Survey Results

How often does your store succeed or fail on each question? What are the trends for each question over the last three months? How is your store performing over time?

Score Comparison

What is the survey Score for each group of locations? How does each location compare to each other? What locations are a concern?