Our Shoppers Compete for You

At The Brandt Group we feel that not all mystery shops are created equal therefor not all mystery shoppers are created equal either. Our shoppers get ranked based off of past shopping experience and quality of reporting. Shoppers pick which shops they feel are a good fit for their abilities then compete with other shoppers to be selected for each job. Shops are awarded to the shoppers who we feel will provide the best evaluations for our clients. We believe that the first come first serve method of assigning shops does not serve the best interests of our clients however, competition brings out the best in us all.

Shopper Highlights

  • Shoppers are evaluated and ranked based off of quality of reporting
  • Shops are assigned based off of shopper ranking
  • Emphasis is placed on the quality of information provided to the client

How Mystery Shopping Evaluates Your Business

How To Use Mystery Shopping Results