What Makes The Brandt Group Better?

There are hundreds of Mystery Shopping Companies across the United States. So why should you use the Brandt Group? We have a proven 20-year track record of success with our clients helping them improve the sale and customer service experience in their businesses. Our clients see the result on the bottom line.

The Brandt Group takes Mystery Shopping for your business to the next level. Our team of industry professionals will tailor a Mystery Shopping Program designed specifically for your business based off of your company’s objectives.

Once your business has been shopped we will help you analyze your sales and customer service procedures and refine them based off of the information gathered during the mystery shopping.

Our services are not about just letting you know how you are doing. It is about helping you and your management teams evaluate your processes and identifying specific ways to make improvements and ultimately make more money. Isn't that what it is all about – profitability?


The Brandt Group Difference...

  • Services are tailored for each clients needs
  • Helping you identify specific areas and procedures for growth
  • Driving more profit to the bottom line

How Mystery Shopping Evaluates Your Business

How To Use Mystery Shopping Results