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Kindness in Leadership

September 29, 2017

Travis Bradberry, contributor for, wrote an article last year titled, “6 Things Great Leaders Do Differently”, in which he compiles a list of qualities that strong leaders possess compared to mediocre ones. The first comparison covers kindness versus weakness,…

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The Right Questions

September 22, 2017

Order-Takers vs Salespeople Are you an order-taker or a salesperson? Order-takers do exactly as the label implies: they simply ring up items that the customer asks for with no additional effort to connect with that person. Salespeople, on the other…

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3 Ways to Become a Great Mystery Shopper

August 4, 2017

If you researching mystery shopping online, you could be forgiven for thinking that becoming a good shopper means taking online courses and earning certifications. While those endeavors don’t hurt, they aren’t necessary either. Truth be told, mystery-shopping companies like The…

Trust as an Effective Management Tool

July 14, 2017

Being an effective manager is a lot like juggling multiple spinning plates: you have to lead by example, coordinate your subordinates’ schedules effectively, handle customer service emergencies, engage with ownership, or any of another dozen duties you’re likely imagining right…

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What Can We Learn from the Psychology of Menu Design?

July 7, 2017

Jessica Hullinger at Mental Floss posted an article last year covering various psychological tricks restaurant menus employ to ensure ease of use and profitability. Here are two tricks we’d like to highlight and expound upon that are relevant even beyond menus:…

Fostering Loyalty Through the Customer Experience

June 23, 2017

Service That Sells posted a recent article titled What Restaurant Guest Loyalty Is (and What It Isn’t) that dives into how to win repeat patronage. Even though the article is specifically targeted at restaurateurs, its advice is actually applicable to any…

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4 Ways to Improve Your Sales Through Mystery Shopping

June 16, 2017

Mystery shopping can measure many different facets of any business, especially any that is customer-facing.  Whether your company is in the business of sales or services, mystery shopping can benefit it in four key ways: Gauge your Sales and Service…

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Cross-Business Promotion for a Better Customer Experience

June 9, 2017

There’s so much advertising noise in the world today, both in the traditional media of television, radio, and print, as well as in new media online, you can’t blame business owners from wondering how they can reach new customers.  After…

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Taking Ownership

May 19, 2017

Rich Parubrub wrote a great advice column on called “9 Tips for Managing Negative Restaurant Reviews”, to make sure “your voice is heard where your restaurant is being discussed.”  While all these tips are great and certainly apply to…

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Moments of Truth by Steve Beck

May 12, 2017

Steve Beck is a trainer for The Brandt Group who specializes in keynote speeches, conducts workshops, and offers a wide range of training options to help take your employees skills to the next level.  Learn more about Steve at In business, a…

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