Commandment No. 2 – Thou Shalt Go the Extra Mile

November 16, 2018

Continuing with Shep Hyken’s Forbes article, The Ten Commandments of Superior Customer Service, Hyken next spotlights Dr. Willie Jolley’s second commandment, “Thou Shalt Go the Extra Mile”.

Hyken first posits “going the ‘extra mile’” often doesn’t require that much additional effort. As he further explains, going the extra mile might just mean “spending an extra minute or two with a customer who might have extra questions or need help.” 

Similar to the previous commandment (and all the others, frankly), going the extra mile is really about taking the time to care, to really show a customer that you value his or her patronage. An example Hyken includes is personally delivering an item rather than requiring the customer to come pick it up. Depending on your business, there are lots of ways your employees can do a little extra so your customers feel valued. Examples include drawing their attention to monthly ads, offering to contact the customer service of a product manufacturer on their behalf, taking the time to explain assembly instructions or demonstrate a product’s use, and even something as simple as offering them refreshments and a seat to take a load off.

The important factor to keep in mind is that your employees should see customers as guests, and should be prepared to dote on them as such. Anytime you can distinguish your business as having above-and-beyond service, you have the opportunity to make lifelong customers, the kind who will evangelize your company to all their friends and family.

To ensure that your employees keep this critical habit, look no further than mystery shopping. Make sure your guests always feel taken care of by getting feedback from real, local consumers. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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