On site Mystery Shopping

See Your Business Through the Customer's Eyes.

Mystery Shopping allows you to take the pulse of the real “BOSS”, your customer. To stay competitive in today’s business environment it is essential to measure the sales and customer service experience in your business. If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

At The Brandt Group, we hire typical shoppers to secretly shop your businesses unbeknownst to your employees. Each Mystery Shop provides you an extremely detailed report based on your individual set of customized criteria.

Our Service Quality Audits ask specific questions that are unique to your business. Each set of shop questions are scored based on your expectations of your staff. The Brandt Group works closely with you to design a customized mystery shop that “mirrors” the daily activity you expect from your staff. By defining and measuring these “Moments of Truth”, you are able to identify what is going well and what you need to improve on in every step of the customers’ experience.

This flexibility affords you a totally “Custom Report” making our Service Quality Audits very unique to the industry.

The goal is to provide you a Service Quality Audit that defines the key attributes of the total sales and customer service experience you want to offer all your customers.The ultimate outcome is a prescription for success in the marketing and delivering of your sales and customer service product.

Mystery Shopping Works For You

Mystery Shopping is the real “P & L” of your sales and customer service delivery. Our Clients use Mystery Shopping to coach and train their employees to help them take their sales and customer service skills to the next level.

Mystery Shopping doesn’t cost you money – it makes you money.

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