Telephone Mystery Shopping

Is Your Staff Saying the Right Things to Grow Your Business?

The Brandt Group Telephone Mystery Shopping Service helps you measure and improve the sales and customer service your staff provides. It is our experience that most employees are not properly trained to capture potential customer inquires. Generally employees just answer question from the caller and never really take control of the conversation.

We help you coach your team to take control of the conversation, to determine the customer needs, to discuss potential solutions and to invite customer into your business to make a purchase.

We have a team of Professional Mystery Shoppers that will call your business with scenarios that are specific to your business. Each call is recorded as MP3 file and then emailed directly to you and your management team. Once you receive the call you can coach your employee’s performance for improvement. We also provide specific one on one coaching and training for your sales and customer service team. Imagine improving your closing rate by just 10% on the telephone. You will defiantly see the difference on your bottom line.

Free Telephone Mystery Shop

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